Surprising, enigmatic, fascinating, dreamlike, astonishing.

These are just some of the adjectives which we could use to define “Denim High Emotions”, the artistic installation we presented in Barcelona, on the occasion of ITMA 2019, celebrating the inspiring side of denim. And creating a unique, unrepeatable and memorable event.


Two denim artists: Ian Berry – with his floral Secret Garden – and Juan Manuel Gomez – with his imaginary landscapes, characterized by endless variations of indigo.

The music, edited by Nicola Cioffi, created a beguiling atmosphere marked by captivating beats and electronic sounds.

The video, by Carlos Londoño, used visionary images to tell the story of the collaboration, and project it into space.

And of course, Tonello technology, which has given denim a new identity and a new role: to evoke unexplainable sensations in people’s hearts.

All together, they have created an immersive and engaging multi-sensory experience that celebrates the inspiring side of denim in a unique and unrepeatable event, a circular wonder, suspended in the void, for the public to experience with all their senses, in all directions, as enthralled as a child watching a magic show.


It had been a long time that Ian and Juan Manuel had wanted to create something together and we were happy to give them the opportunity to realize this artistic project that goes beyond any definition that tries to cage or classify it.

With their art, denim has gone beyond itself: no longer just a cloth to wear, but more like the material that dreams are made of.