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N2 is our Nitrogen Dyeing System, one of the first dyeing systems developed by Tonello following the mantra of sustainability, energy saving, additives reduction, responsible use of resources and operator safety.

The N2 system allows garments to be dyed in a nitrogen atmosphere using sulfur dyes of the latest generation.

In addition, in combination with UP, it enables work with an extremely low liquor ratio and facilitates the penetration of dyes onto the fiber.


The N2 dyeing system makes it possible to achieve extraordinary creative effects on the garment – from used-look to indigo effect, even on denim – and to combine its action with other Tonello systems, such as, for example, Core.

For a great dyeing yield and higher reproducibility of results.

In addition to drastically reducing the amount of chemical additives needed, N2 especially facilitates the treatment of dyeing effluent and reduces the amount of processing residues.

Because sustainability for Tonello has never been just a buzzword, but instead has always been a concrete commitment that translates into numbers and verifiable results.

The N2 system is compatible and ensures the best results with all Tonello washing and dyeing machines.

Features and benefits of N2:

Possibility of integration with the UP System (LR 3:1)

Sustainable sulfur dyeing process

Drastic reduction in the use of chemicals (reducing agents)

Facilitated dye effluent treatment

Improved dyeing yield

Improved reproducibility of results

Process more easily controlled