Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We don’t just build “machines”, we do so much more.

We research, experiment, innovate.

We produce ideas, processes and solutions that promote sustainable market development.

To go beyond the product and support the customer with creativity and concreteness.
To be partners in evolution and growth.

To improve working methods and contribute to environmental protection.
To always offer the most advanced and high-performance technology.
That does not age, but evolves.

To engage clients and brand-fashion in a unique experience in terms of consulting, forecasting, problem solving, creativity, excellence, Italian-ness.

To be the responsible point of reference for the garment treatment industry.

Our Vision

We are “The Inspiring Company”.

We promote the development of the whole sector in terms of culture, sensibility, and awareness.

We inject beauty, well-being, and taste into every garment, bringing art and technology together, focusing on the most authentic “Made in Italy”.

Every day we develop ideas that lead to concrete changes, to more efficient, sustainable, flexible, and innovative technologies and processes. And enhance people’s skills and potential.

To improve the work of our clients, inspire brands, and make the laundries an environment of experimentation and research, we have a laboratory of ideas where we imagine and plan a sustainable, healthy, and efficient future.

Reinventing the laundry, rebuilding processes, restoring the true and correct value to people.

It’s all here.

Our Values

Our people: our champions.

For us, “putting people at the center” means respecting them, listening to them, giving them value. And we are also referring to the people who wear the garments treated with our technologies and our processes.

Above all, it is because we know how to put ourselves on the market that the “others”, that is people, believe and will believe in us, just as we believe in them.

Our people are the daily and credible stars of a path of innovation and research that has made, makes, and will continue to make Tonello great. They are passionate professionals who create products and services of excellence, day after day, consolidating our relationships with clients and brands.

In fact, no important project can come to fruition without collaboration and sharing objectives and skills.

In short, without “the team”.


The other way to say “Tonello”.

We love our job, we are enthusiastic and courageous: strengthened by our experience and the quality guaranteed by the history and talent of a fantastic team.

We are insatiable and we always set ourselves ambitious objectives. To do things right and satisfy our clients beyond their highest expectations.

We work so that every machine and every process is characterized by that particular style – in design, functionality, performance, and reliability – which has always distinguished the Tonello brand.

We aim to change the rules of the game and always move the market one step further, so that we can make the work of those who choose us more efficient and flexible.

We cultivate the pleasure of exploring, researching, and producing ideas that can truly change the world. One technology at a time.


Being the right-hand of the customer.

For us, reliability and credibility mean trustworthiness.

Those who are reliable inspire trust and present an authoritative source of effective and integrated solutions, which arise from real knowledge and a holistic view of the processes.

Credibility comes from history, from experience, from that background – made up not only from the mechanical and textile culture, but also from curiosity and research in the world of art and fashion – these are what make Tonello a unique and inspiring brand.

It is much, much more than a generic, obvious “quality”: it is something you can put your hand in the fire for.

It is a way of being a company that involves and inspires all its components and is based on listening, on dialogue, on a partnership relationship that becomes, in fact, the customer’s right hand.