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Sampling dyeing machines with low-speed spin-cycle

Tonello -  G1 LD-LD3


The G1 70 by Tonello is the queen of the sampling dyeing machines, ideal for testing and fine-tuning different dyeing cycles.

It faithfully reproduces production machine processes, effects, and performances, which allows transferring the recipes directly with the same liquor ratio and the same mechanical action.

It is available in 2 models with a low-speed spin-cycle. The LD3 model is equipped with a reduced volume drum, with the same diameter to reduce the minimum load, while using the same liquor ratio.

The G1 70 model is suitable for installing the UP technology, which allows for a substantial reduction of the liquor ratio (LR 3:1).

All the other most innovative and recent technologies (i.e.: Core, UP, NoStone® and EGO) can be installed, as well as devices applicable to production machines, even in combination with each other during the process.

Models: G1 70 LD – G1 70 LD3

Technical features

Installable technologies

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