G1 HW3

Production washing machine with high-speed spin-cycle

Tonello -  G1 HW3


The G1 HW3 series identifies the Tonello washing machines with high-speed spin-cycle.

Among the main advantages: reduced consumption, compact size, flexibility, and the possibility of installing all the most recent devices and applying the latest finishing technologies developed by Tonello for treating ready-made garments.

Suitable for all types of washes and various finishing treatments for garments, and especially indicated for treating jeans. They are equipped with a drum that uses special beaters to speed-up the process and guarantee the uniformity of the treatment.

Models: G1 130 HW3 – G1 200 HW3 – G1 325 HW3 – G1 420 HW3 – G1 510 HW3

Technical features

Installable technologies

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