For us, responsibility is the necessary premise of an ethical approach to our work. It is daily commitment and respect for the people who work in our company, our clients, the market, society, and the environment.

It means assuming the responsibility of choices, errors, and successes, guaranteeing the quality of what we produce, and promising only what we can truly deliver

We contribute to the preservation of the environment, in a responsible way, to improve the way we produce.

Being responsible also means taking a stand and accepting as a privilege the burdens associated with their own role as an innovator who wants to improve the efficiency and sustainability of processes.

It means acting with a clear awareness of their own “place” in the supply chain.

It means being totally transparent in our relationship and all communication with all our stakeholders, beginning with our community and our territory.

Responsibility is a value that translates into concrete signals and good practices that guide our everyday work:

  • The green label of ACIMIT and RINA, applied on all our products, identifies the energy and environmental performance of textile machinery, based on the CO2 emissions required by each process
  • At ITMA 2019, Tonello received the Green Label Award, a recognition for continued improvements in reducing the Carbon Footprint
  • 90% of Tonello products and spare parts are designed and manufactured locally. Shorter distances translate into less fuel, less packaging and less CO2
  • We recycle and reuse all the water we need to test and inspect our machines
  • For the operation of our offices and to produce and test our machines we only use solar clean energy generated by Uni-Solar flexible panels that have excellent performance even in conditions of partial shade
  • To ensure maximum transparency and the highest standards of environmental responsibility during the finishing of a garment, we use Metro, our software that allows you to monitor, analyze and optimize finishing processes, based on reliable and verified data: to help customers and brands be more responsible and reduce their environmental impact