Ovens and Dryers

The drying process is essential at different stages of the cycle to prepare the garment for treatments, to stabilize them, and determine the final quality.

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Ovens and Dryers



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Tonello produces polymerization ovens and manual load or fully automatic dryers, to and from the washing and dyeing machines. The dryers are also available in a Green Up version, with an exhaust air heat-recovery system that is used to heat up the incoming air. This sophisticated system, combined with infrared technology, reduces consumption, waste, processing times, and operating costs.

Ovens and Dryers
Industrial dryers are an essential part of any professional laundry that wishes to offer high quality service and maximum efficiency. Tonello, a leader in laundry machinery and technology, offers a complete range of ovens and dryers designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Features of Tonello’s Industrial Dryers

Our ovens and dryers are designed for excellent performance, durability, and ease of operation. Some of the key features include:
  • Energy Efficiency: our machines are built with advanced technologies that reduce energy consumption, helping to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Models are equipped with heat recovery systems that optimize energy use
  • Load Capacity: Available in different capacities, Tonello's industrial dryers can handle large volumes of garments and fabrics in a single cycle, making them ideal for laundries of all sizes, from stores to industrial laundries
  • Advanced drying technology: Using humidity sensors and smart control systems, Tonello dryers ensure uniform and gentle drying
  • Durability and reliability: Constructed with high-quality materials and resilient components, Tonello machines are designed to last, and withstand heavy use
  • Ease of operation: With intuitive control panels and preset programs, Tonello dryers are simple to operate, thereby reducing staff training time and increasing productivity.

The main advantages of our machines

Investing in high-quality industrial dryers like those offered by Tonello can provide numerous benefits to your laundry facility:
  • Reducing drying times: thanks to advanced technology, our machines can significantly reduce drying times, allowing you to handle a greater volume of work in less time
  • Energy savings: Tonello's drying solutions are designed to be energy efficient, allowing you to reduce your operating costs and the environmental impact of your business
  • Superior service quality: the uniform and gentle drying provided by Tonello dryers allows you to return garments to your customers in perfect condition, improving customer satisfaction and the reputation of your service
  • Durability and low maintenance costs: the durability and reliability of Tonello dryers result in fewer breakdowns and service interruptions, thereby resulting in reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Versatility: With a range of models available, Tonello offers solutions to fit a variety of needs, from small laundries to large industrial operations.

Tonello’s innovations in the Industry

Not only does Tonello provide high-quality ovens and dryers; the company is also at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Some recent innovations include:
  • Green Up and heat recovery systems: With the Green UP version, Tonello has introduced heat recovery systems in its industrial dryers, which allow the heat generated during the drying process to be reused. This, combined with infrared technology, reduces consumption, waste, processing time, and operating costs
  • Smart humidity control: Dryers are equipped with advanced sensors that continuously monitor the level of humidity inside the drum, allowing you to control drying time and temperature to optimize performance, and protect fabrics
  • Intuitive digital interfaces: With the introduction of digital control panels and intuitive user interfaces, Tonello has made its industrial dryers easier to use, thereby reducing the risk of operational errors and improving overall efficiency
  • Eco-sustainable materials: In accordance with its commitment to sustainability, Tonello uses recyclable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to construct its dryers, contributing to a more responsible future.
Tonello's industrial dryers are the ideal choice for anyone who operates a laundry and wants to provide excellent service. Thanks to a combination of energy efficiency, advanced technology, ease of operation, and sturdiness, Tonello’s drying solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern laundries. Investing in quality machinery means improving productivity, reducing operating costs, and providing superior service to your customers. With Tonello, you are assured of having purchased state-of-the-art products backed by decades of experience and innovation in the industry. To find out more about Tonello's ovens and dryers, and find the best solution for your needs, visit our website or contact our team of experts. We are here to help you take your laundry to the next level of efficiency and quality.

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