Technologies & more for finishing

For us at Tonello, treating a garment is like a symphony in which each instrument harmonizes perfectly with all the others.

Technologies & more for finishing



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For creating unique and unforgettable garments. With the minimum effort.

In this way, over time, we have developed finishing technologies and accessories that integrate with modern washing and dyeing machines and allow you to complete a garment with a final touch that makes it more personal and unique. Here, then are the the spraying booths, the Bohemia technologies for three-dimensional effects, and Scratch for scratching and brushing, with all the accessories for tearing, sanding, and finishing, always at hand.

Technologies & more for finishing
Tonello is a recognized leader in the finishing industry, offering a wide range of technologies and accessories to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Finishing is a crucial stage in the production of high-quality garments, and with Tonello's innovative solutions, it is possible to achieve outstanding results in terms of performance, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Garment Finishing Innovations

Finishing is an essential process that gives fabrics desired properties such as softness, luster, uniqueness. and many other technical characteristics. Tonello distinguishes itself through continuous innovation, by developing technologies that improve the uniqueness and quality of textile the finishing. Thanks to a research-and-development-oriented approach, Tonello offers machinery and accessories that reduce water, energy, and chemical consumption, thereby promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

Advanced Technologies for Garment Finishing

Tonello offers a wide range of advanced finishing technologies designed to optimize every step of the process. Here are some of our most innovative solutions:

Bohemia, technology for 3D effects

The Bohemia machines by Tonello are designed to guarantee excellent results on various types of fabrics. These machines are equipped with advanced control systems that allow precise adjustment of all parameters of the textile finishing process, ensuring uniformity and consistent quality.

Spraying and Brushing Booth

The spraying booths developed by Tonello are ideal for textile garment finishing as they allow chemicals to be applied in a uniform and controlled manner, minimizing waste. This innovative approach not only improves the quality of the result, but also contributes to a more efficient use of resources.

Drying and Stabilization

Tonello also offers advanced solutions for drying and stabilizing fabrics, which are essential for achieving optimal textile garment finishing. Drying machines are designed to ensure uniform moisture removal while preserving the characteristics of fabrics and improving their strength and durability.


In addition to the machines, Tonello provides a range of indispensable accessories for textile garment finishing. These accessories are designed to perfectly integrate finishing technologies, offering complete solutions for every need.

Static cabinet for creating washed-out effects using ozone

O-Zone is Tonello's static cabinet that allows, with just the use of ozone, unique and customizable aesthetic effects, such as localized fading and discoloring.

Automation and Control

Automation is an increasingly important aspect of finishing. Tonello offers automation and control solutions that allow precise and efficient monitoring and management of each step of the process, thereby improving productivity and reducing operating costs. Tonello is strongly committed to environmental and social sustainability. The textile garment finishing technologies developed by the company aim to reduce environmental impact by promoting responsible production practices. Tonello's sustainable initiatives include:
  • Reduced water consumption: our machines are designed to minimize the use of water, a precious resource. Through the use of advanced technologies, high quality results can be achieved with significantly reduced water consumption
  • Energy efficiency: our machines are designed to reduce energy consumption without compromising the quality of the final product, thus contributing to more sustainable production
  • Reduction in the use of chemical substances: this process often requires the use of chemicals. Tonello has developed technologies to significantly reduce the use of these chemicals while still maintaining a high standard of quality. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but also improves safety for workers and end consumers.
Why choose our solutions Choosing Tonello means relying on an experienced and innovative partner in the textile garment finishing industry. The company offers:
  • Experience and expertise: years of experience in industrial washing, dyeing, and finishing guarantee high-quality and reliable solutions.
  • Continual innovation: constant investment in research and development allows us to offer the most advanced technologies.
  • Sustainability: a strong commitment to reducing environmental impact through efficient and sustainable solutions.
  • Technical support: a dedicated technical support service ready to support customers at every stage of the process.
Tonello is the ideal choice for those seeking cutting-edge solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, Tonello stands as a reliable partner for textile companies looking to improve their production processes. Discover all of Tonello's solutions and take your finishing to the next level.

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