G1 LD3/MD3

Production dyeing machines with low or medium-speed spin-cycle

Tonello -  G1 LD3/MD3


These garment dyeing machines work with the high-speed open system, patented by Tonello.

They are equipped with a low or medium-speed spin-cycle (LD3/MD3) and can be equipped with the UP system that substantially reduces the liquor ratio (LR 3:1).

The color kitchen allows the optimized introduction of dyes and products, ensuring high quality and reproducible dyeing.

All models are also available in the Steam Pocket version for indirect heating of the dye bath.

Models: G1 130 LD3/MD3 – G1 325 LD3/MD3 – G1 420 LD3/MD3 – G1 510 LD3/MD3

Technical features

Installable technologies

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