Greater Savings, Better Performance

ThermoShell, Tonello’s groundbreaking insulation system, not only ensures outstanding performance but also delivers substantial savings across all our dyeing and washing machines. Another smart technology that embodies our commitment to efficiency and responsibiliy, providing unparalleled benefits.

ThermoShell is a special membrane that thermally insulates the shell of Tonello machine from its exterior, ensuring a constant temperature during any process.

This is particularly crucial during garment dyeing, high and ultra-high-temperature processes, where heat dispersion and energy waste are common. In fact, ThermoShell allows substantial steam savings – but also in terms of energy, economical and environmental resources –  and contributes greatly to the overall optimization of the process.



*the highest percentage of savings is achieved with steam pockets

thermoshell is Applicable to all Tonello machines of the new Evolution 3 generation and, as an optional feature, on previous models, enhancing the efficiency even for older machines.

The advantages of thermoshell:


It ensures a constant temperature during any type of process, leading to significant savings in steam usage


It optimizes and makes washing and dyeing processes more efficient (on both direct and indirect heating machines) particularly in terms of resource savings


Extremely significant results especially in high and very high temperature processes


Applicable to all Tonello washing and dyeing machines