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b.o.p. (be on point)



Tonello’s THE Laser line immediately established itself on the market as a benchmark, as a game-changer because of the versatility and reliability of the solutions and the completeness of the range. On THE Laser T and TM models, in particular, the B.O.P. system (Be On Point) for automatic “One Touch” garment positioning can be installed. In short, the system allows the garment to be placed on the work table without particular accuracy or precision on the part of the operator.

The garments on the table can in fact be placed differently each time at different angles, at different heights, but the design will always be placed by the system, exactly, in the position chosen by the operator during the creation of the initial design.

In short, B.O.P. instantly recognizes and reconstructs contours, shapes and volumes of the garment, regardless of its position, and enables the perfect and repeatable application of designs made with Crea, for which B.O.P. is the ideal complement.


With B.O.P. Tonello has harnessed the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase the usability and accessibility, both physical and cognitive, of the process, to reduce its time while increasing the accuracy and quality of laser marking.

Before, in fact, precise positioning of the garment was a categorical imperative: in fact, the quality of the finished product depended in large part on precisely how accurately the operator placed the garment on the table. It is easy to imagine the amount of error, the complexity and the length of the process.

This tool can be easily managed directly from the Crea software at the touch of a button.

B.O.P. in four steps:

  1. Preparation of the laser project using Crea software
  2. Positioning of the garment on the table, without the use of previews
  3. Automatic detection of the garment by camera
  4. Marking of the correctly positioned design as per the initial project even if the garment is positioned inaccurately