When we say that THE Laser is the most complete range of laser technologies for garment finishing, the one that represents a recognized benchmark for the entire market, we are aware and sure of what we are saying.

Because, again, we have not limited ourselves to making beautiful and reliable “machines,” but we wanted to do much more, creating a diverse ecosystem, rich in accessories and software that make our technologies even more reliable and versatile.

With Climate, for example, we wanted to ensure optimal and consistent working temperatures even for machines operating in extreme climatic conditions, in the hottest and most sultry geographical areas of the world.

Climate in fact creates and maintains an ideal microclimate tailored to the laser source to ensure unbeatable performance at all times, even when it is not possible to place THE Laser in the climate-controlled areas of the plant.

Climate technology is suitable for all those lasers working in the world’s hottest and most sultry geographies. In fact, it allows the laser source to be maintained at an optimal and always constant working temperature.

Thus, it becomes possible – and easy – to optimize laundry space and workflows, reducing the time it takes to move garments from lasers to washing machines.

Climate, the advantages of the perfect climate

  • Ideal microclimate for the laser source

  • Unbeatable performance in any climate condition, even the most extreme

  • Optimization and reduction of production time (especially in moving garments from lasers to washing machines)

  • More ergonomic and high-performance workflows

  • Greater versatility, even in the placement of laser machines