ITMA 2023


Tonello Hall 14 | Booth A201
ITMA Milan, June 8-14 2023.


Discover the news of the latest Laundry (R)Evolution, the laundry concept of the present and the future, once again redefining standards and dictating the evolution of the entire industry.

Only two technologies to control the entire processing cycle and new computer vision systems for a more transparent and responsible laundry than ever before.




  • THE Laser Lab, primarily designed for stores and laboratories,
    and designed for the smallest and most detailed designs
  • THE Laser T, developed for processing on a table that can be divided into two sections and equipped with the new version of the automatic garment detection system, B.O.P. Be On Point
  • THE Laser DUAL, a newcomer to the entire range, designed for large production and equipped with a dual laser source, which halves marking time, thus doubling productivity.


  • G1 70, the “queen” of sampling machines
  • G1 130, designed for small productions
  • the iconic G1 420, leading model for large productions

The three washing systems will be presented in the configuration
All-in-One, equipped with all finishing technologies:

  • NoStone®: the substitute technology for pumice stone, even more ergonomic and easier to handle thanks to the “easy-lock” function
  • UP: the system that allows to reduce the liquor ratio up to 1:2,
    now fully automated
  • Core 2.0: the nebulizing system now multi-machine, allowing different garments to be processed on two separate machines
  • EGO: the superior ozone that allows garments to be processed simultaneously on multiple machines, reducing consumption.


  • Ultrasonic, Tonello’s new technology under development -here applied at G1 Lab– that shortens processing times, decreases the amount of dyes and temperatures of use, increasing performance
  • All-in-One for dyeing processes, here applied to the G1 325 production model, always equipped with the brand new Core 2.0
    and with
    Wake, the first patented organic dyeing system
  • DyeMate, the first indigo garment dyeing system that revolutionizes and reinterprets the traditional process, taking it to a new evolutionary stage and making it automatic and repeatable.

it’s all under control with tonello software.


  • Metro Consumption, the software for measuring the
    actual consumption of all machines, garments and processes
  • Metro Supervisor, the intelligent solution for the centralized management and analysis of the entire laundry
  • Guardian, the brand-new diagnostic system that uses sensors to monitor every component of the machine and ensure its maximum efficiency and durability

  • Configurator, the online platform available on the Tonello website that allows you to create and configure your own Laundry (R)Evolution from scratch, in a completely digital way.

the CONCEPT THAT transforms traditional laundry into an even more digital and transparent experience
debuts at itma milan 2023.


tonello hall 14 – booth a201

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